A Missionary Training Program

We are so excited to offer this training and certification program to people who want to become missionaries with Not Easily Broken Missions! In almost 3 years, Not Easily Broken Ministries was privileged to work with nearly 40 couples. We feel that investing in that number of marriages in such a short time was a tremendous success! And all that was accomplished with just ONE staff mentor couple!

But as we shifted our focus away from marriages exclusively and to a more evangelical mindset, we also recognized our need to expand. Us(Plus) is designed to help us do just that. Apply to be an US(PLUS) Certified Missionary and you can have the opportunity to receive intensive training in biblical foundations of relationships, mentoring skills, and Not Easily Broken Missions’ own proprietary techniques and resources.

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Biblical Foundations

What does the Bible really say about what marriage is and what it’s for? What does the Bible say about divorce? What’s the purpose of sex? Are the ideas of leadership and submission outdated concepts at this point? Find out the answers to all these questions and more as Paul & Carly lead you and your spouse through the first training unit!

Mentoring Skills

Anybody can sit and chat, but it takes skill to listen well, to communicate effectively, and to check your biases. In the second training unit, our staff mentor couple will guide you through some basic and advanced mentoring skills that will give you the best opportunity to help your clients process their situations and make healthy, wise decisions!

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Building Blocks

There are a lot of things that make Not Easily Broken Ministries’ approach to relationship skills training unique, but one of the most important is our set of bread & butter techniques and resources. NEB has devised a set of tools in-house that make couples better at communicating their emotions, understanding their behaviors, and resolving their problems! Unit 3 will teach you all about them!


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