We Love to Teach Others!

Critical to the success of our mission and, we believe, to the expansion of the church, is the equipping of believers with powerful, practical tools to bring the reconciliation power of Jesus Christ into the lives of non-believers. There are a variety of opportunities for us to help followers of Christ to learn these skills and resources, and we would love to bring our passion for teaching and training to your body of believers!



Whether it's a Sunday morning sermon series that could use our expertise, a small group meeting that wants to learn more about relationships, or even a guest Sunday School class, Not Easily Broken Missions is happy to strengthen your congregation through teaching!


Sometimes, your organization just needs some practical tips on how relationships work: "Do A." "Avoid B." "Under no circumstances should you ever C." Not Easily Broken can make you more effective and efficient in your most important relationships.


There's a definite kinship between our relationships between each other and our relationships with nature. If you're a church or other organization planning a couples or family retreat and you need speakers or teachers, consider Not Easily Broken Missions!


Conferences are a great opportunity to bring the truths you want to learn a little closer to home! Not Easily Broken is pleased to speak at conferences on marriage, family, parenting, workplace relationships, sex - basically anything related to the most crucial relationships in life.