What to Expect

We endeavor to make sitting with any of our missionaries simultaneously relaxing and impactful. You’ll see no degrees on the wall, no one taking notes. Just a casual conversation. But that conversation will always be focused on two things:

1) The needs of the relationships you’re seeking guidance for, and how best to help them

2) Ensuring that you have an encounter with the Holy Spirit while pursuing the first focus

Now, if you’re not a follower of Jesus Christ, we can understand how Focus 1 might seem like a shady pretext to pursue Focus 2 as aggressively and obnoxiously as possible. We hope you’ll trust us when we say that is just not how we operate. Admittedly, everything we know about healing, health, and reconciliation is based, one way or another, on God’s truth. But, because of that, we know that we can pray for you silently, be the ambassadors of Jesus like we believe we should, without ever having to mention His name. Don’t get us wrong, if you’re open to talking about what God’s word said and how it can impact your life, we’d love to! But if you’re not open to that, we believe that we can still be obedient to our God and help you at the same time. Talking about Jesus is not a requirement for getting the help you need.

Does it cost?

As a ministry dedicated to seeking to come alongside the lives of those experiencing brokenness in their relationships, Not Easily Broken Missions will not ask you to pay to work with any of our missionaries. However, if you would like to make a donation to our organization, we greatly appreciate your support. You can do that by clicking here.