We're gonna change the world...

Getting to this point has been a journey - no doubt about that. In March of 2016, we became an official non-profit organization, dedicated to the successful thriving of marriages in our community and around the world. Three and a half years later, on September 9, 2019, we became what we are today: a missions organization that equips believers to be ambassadors for Christ, taking His agenda and His powers of reconciliation everywhere they go. In the 3.5 years we spent focusing exclusively on marriages, we realized that we were creating something special. The techniques and resources we were using had tremendous impact with our clients, and created lasting change that restored, rejuvenated, and rescued marriage relationships. But as we continued to bathe the future of our organization in prayer, we also realized that we were selling the potential of our work short.

Our founders, Paul and Carly Morales, have always been passionate about marriage. A lot of what is now the curriculum for Not Easily Broken Missions was born out of how the two of them learned to make their marriage work. But there are other kinds of relationships out there, and Paul and Carly came to realize that what they had created was useful and applicable not just to married couples, but to any two human beings that had to find a way to get along in this broken world. Moreover, they understood that there were evangelical opportunities for their work that were, at the time, going mostly untapped.

You see, being an ambassador for Christ isn’t just about his agenda - it’s about the presence & power of God. The Holy Spirit resides within the heart of every believer, which means that we literally, physically somehow, carry the presence of the Savior of mankind with us wherever we go. It means we carry the power of the Creator of the universe with us wherever we go. And we want to be about the business of showing people the very practical applications of that power and presence in our human lives. The Holy Spirit has the miraculous capabilities to bring life where there is death, healing where there is decay, restoration where there is brokenness, righteousness where there is evil. And as we teach people effective ways to be the catalysts and the tools in God’s hands of that restoration, we give them the opportunity to cause non-believers to encounter Christ in a very powerful and practical way.

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to bring Jesus into staff conflicts and disagreements, a parent who wants to rekindle a relationship with their estranged child, a woman who wants to bring peace to the turmoil between you and your siblings, a man who wants to reconcile to his wife, or anyone who is in a relationship with someone else that is struggling, we have missionaries who are ready to bring the gospel power of reconciliation into your relationship with skills and resources beyond platitudes (but including Scripture), beyond cliches (but including wisdom), and beyond hollow words (but including prayer). To find out more about how exactly this works, click here.

The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.
— Numbers 6:24-26