Missionaries Never Get to Be Off Duty…

Not Easily Broken Missions’ missionaries know that being Christ’s ambassadors is a full-time job, and while some of them do hold down other kinds of employment, many of them make every effort to make themselves as available to the needs of those whose’ journeys they walk alongside as they possibly can. Because of that level of commitment, that has the power to be a catalyst for healing relationships and encounters with Christ here and around the world, NEB Missions is proud to stand alongside our missionaries and help them raise funds to support themselves while they pursue the cause of Christ. If you’d like to give directly to one of our missionaries, you can do so by finding their photo and clicking below. Not Easily Broken Missions also has some expenses we need to cover - running missions organizations isn’t free! We do our best to account for these expenses with our trainings, but if you’d like to make a donation to help us cover our administrative costs, that’s also an option. We thank you so so much for your support. This ministry cannot happen without your generosity and partnership.

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