You Can Make a Difference

In October 2017, a report came out detailing the states with the highest divorce rates in our nation. Out of 50 states, Indiana had the sixth highest divorce rate. Just under 20 people out of every 1,000 married individuals turned to divorce that year. Admittedly, that may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that there were 2.6 million married Hoosiers at the time, that means that a little more than FIFTY THOUSAND people in Indiana got divorced in 2017 alone.

We point this out to shame no one, but simply to illustrate that the circumstance of marriage in our home state is discouraging, to say the least. In the last three years, we at Not Easily Broken Ministries have dedicated ourselves to helping as many people as we can find healthy, sustainable, tangible solutions to their interpersonal problems in their marriages. When marriages get healthy, families get healthy - and when that happens, everything changes. Cycles of poverty disappear, drug and alcohol abuse lessens immediately, violent and petty crime rates drop - everything gets better. We’ve helped almost 40 couples, most of whom are together and enjoying healthy relationships. Of the very few that aren’t, they were nearly exclusively dating or engaged individuals who chose not to continue in unhealthy relationships. We’ve accomplished all of this with just one mentor couple on staff. I (Paul) and my wife, Carly, have spent the last three years pouring into as many people as we can find, because we know from watching the disintegration of marriages around us and of our marriage in the beginning how damaging it can be to yourself and your spouse and your families and your children when marriages become unhealthy.

But we can’t do this alone.

In 2019, we’re inviting couples in our community to join us in a new program we’re calling Us(Plus). We want to train you in the techniques and resources that we use in our work so that you can work with couples in your sphere of influence to make a difference. Pastors, elders, business leaders, teachers, and anyone who knows a couple they want to invest in, we invite you to learn and be the most effective and helpful version of yourself for the people who trust you and seek your guidance. If you think you and your spouse might be interested in making a difference in your community by helping out a marriage in need, click here for more information. Or if you’d like to make a donation to support the couples who will be investing in this program, click here.

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