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Momma's Love

The magic of being Momma is that it forces me to drain myself dry, most days much earlier than I care to admit, so that I can be most full of Jesus. When my well is empty, they reach in their chubby little hands, and draw out Jesus, and drink His love into their tender, growing souls.

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Under Construction

What if we slowed down a little and really sank our teeth into what it means to be engaged, what this time is really for, and how to use it most wisely? What if, instead of looking at the blueprints of a house so we could one day start building, we took advantage of the opportunity to lay a really solid foundation?

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This young couple wanted so fiercely to be engaged well, and that was never more evident to me than it was in that small, but powerful moment of transition between engagement and marriage. They were an example and reminder to us of what engagement is and should be for: setting a foundation. They chose to serve each other so early on in their married life that they actually began before they even were married.

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