Mid-March Meh

Living in Northern Indiana, March is my least favorite month. While the rest of the world anticipates spring and sunshine and warmer weather, we await… more winter. March is windy. And cold. And rainy. And sometimes snowy. Like a crazy ex it just keeps storming back in with “and another thing!!!” In this case, sleet.

And I don’t know about you, but the gross weather, combined with no real holiday or excitement to look forward to (not a big St. Patty’s day girl), leaves me feeling a little blah. I find myself wanting to curl up with a blanket, a whole vat of coffee, and just avoid human communication until the sun comes back out.

You could accurately assume that this quasi-melancholic state of mind does nothing beneficial for my marriage. But over the years, Paul and I have developed a few tactics to “spice things up” when everything feels beige. So, in case your relationship could use a little boost, here is my list of:

Mid-March Marriage Mood Motivators

  1. Review your wedding vows. What did you promise each other the day you got married? What areas have you held up really well? Where could you improve a little? What do you appreciate about the way your spouse loves you? Find time to remember, revel, and rejoice in each other. Then ask, “What could I do to show YOU that I love you?”

  2. Make a playlist. Seriously. There is something magical about the way music unites us and speaks into us. So make a playlist of songs you both love, get in the car, and just drive for a while and sing.

  3. Stomp about in the mud. Remember the freedom you felt as a kid when it was finally just warm enough to go play outside for a while? Pick a sunny-ish day, bundle up, and take a walk through the woods. Enjoy the fresh air and be silly and childlike for a while.

  4. Turn a fitted sheet into a game board. I’m going to leave most of this up to your imagination… but grab a sharpie and draw 20 squares on a fitted sheet. Then write things in the squares. Using your wedding rings as game pieces, roll a die, and move to that numbered space. Do whatever the square says for 1 minute. If you need more instruction than that, schedule an appointment with us. ;)

  5. Sleep naked. Curl up, talk, fall asleep. Let your skin do its oxytocin producing thing while you rest.

  6. Plan a day out. Even if it has to be a few weeks away, having something to anticipate is such a mood lifter. Consult your calendars, pick a date, block off some time, and start to think about what you want to do with it. Try something new, even if it’s just a new coffee shop in a neighboring town, and let the excitement build.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but if you have a tried-and-true idea, please share with the class! Send us a message or leave us a comment and we will mention it on the podcast this week!

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