Meet Skyler and Crystal!

Do you know what the biggest bummer about getting a first row seat to client’s marriages is? Confidentiality. I completely understand the need for it, how it promotes trust and maintains privacy and dignity, and so I put up with it. But it’s not at all uncommon to leave a session with a couple we are working with and feel like we are busting at the seems to tell someone what Jesus is doing in these people’s lives. I feel so much pride in their small successes, celebrating their victories, and I love watching Jesus weave the fabric of redemption through marriages, and I want to shout it to the world around me. But most of the time those stories are still being written, and the healing and victory is new, the pain still a little raw, and it would be damaging to share those details with strangers.

But every once in a while, we work with an engaged couple who wants to share their story, and we are more than happy to help them do that! So I am beyond excited to introduce you to Skyler and Crystal!


We got to meet Skyler and Crystal a few months ago when they came to us to take the Prepare/Enrich Assessment. We love this online relationship assessment because of the wealth of information it gives us about a couple’s make up. It’s main objective is to highlight positive couple agreement, or how on the same page a couple is with regards to several relationship issues, such as conflict resolution, finances, and sexual expectations. All of this information is given context by the personality, stress, and relationship priority profiles that are also part of the assessment. Often the assessment will highlight a few areas of a relationship that need a little TLC, and we are able to dive into the issues that are most pressing to a couple.

One of the biggest concerns for this young couple was navigating an intercultural engagement and marriage. Crystal is Romanian and wanted to honor her heritage as she and Skyler started a new family. We were honored to help them identify their priorities as a couple, and figure out how to interact with them in a positive way. They worked hard to overcome some natural communication barriers and find a conflict resolution system that would edify the other and point them to Jesus.

By far the most rewarding part of working with these two is their passion for Jesus and reflecting His gospel to the world around them. From the beginning of their relationship - they met each other by divine appointment at Discount Tire - they have wanted to follow Jesus’ design for their lives and build a foundation for a healthy and godly marriage. I’ve been amazed by their dedication to physical purity and their pursuit of each other’s hearts as they approach their wedding.

If you feel like you need to know Skyler and Crystal now (which totally makes sense, you really should know these people), tune into our podcast below to catch our interview with them!


Assistant Manager at Discount Tire

Would love to hang out in the Rockies and catch a Denver Broncos game

Loves Crystal’s drive to be more like Jesus

Most looking forward to growing in intimacy and faith as a married couple, sharpening each other


Special Education Teacher for Students with Emotional Disabilities

Wants to go to Thailand and eat all the Asian food

Loves Skyler’s caring and understanding nature

Most looking forward to coming home to her best friend every night, and building a home together

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