New Year, New Board

Not Easily Broken Ministries launched exactly one year ago today, with a dream and four board members (not including Paul and Carly) to support that dream. Those board members were President Jason Zaugg, Secretary Corri Gutwein, Treasurer Don Taylor, and Member at Large Aaron Lambert. Each of them came on board when our organization was in its first days. When Not Easily Broken felt shapeless, they gave it form. When directionless, they provided guidance. When foundationless, they added stability. NEB Ministries would not have survived its first year if not for their hard work, support, and dedication to our goal to see marriages and families transformed into a beacon of the image of Christ.

Sadly, most of our first board members had to transition on to other callings at the start of 2017. We miss them dearly, and we thank them for their service. In light of their absence, we decided not only to invite new individuals to the board, but to take the opportunity to expand the board to include more members, from broader backgrounds, and with more diverse connections within our community. Today, on our first anniversary, we'd like to introduce you to our newest members, as well as give you an opportunity to read a little bit about members we'd still like to see present on our board as we move through our second year.

New Members

David Burden

Board President

Chris Stetzel

Board Secretary

Heidi Orr

Board Officer of Care

John Miller

Board Member at Large

Throughout the process of his invitation and confirmation to the board, and his nomination to its presidency, David consistently used one word to describe his experience: "humbled." His humility is both an example to the rest of the board and a cherished asset, as he exemplifies the kind of servant leadership that inspires us to do our best work for this ministry.


David graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s in elementary education along with a Gifted and Talented Certification from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He currently teaches as the STEM Instructional Coach at Washington STEM Academy in Warsaw and serves as the KidzPoint (K-4th) Coordinator at Mission Point Community Church.

As Board Secretary, Chris' responsibilities include ensuring smooth communication between board members and staff, keeping track of assignments, praises, & prayer updates, and other administrative duties. She brings a wonderful combination of strong organizational acumen and infectious enthusiasm to our ministry's leadership.


The majority of her career was with Wildman Business Group here in Warsaw. She currently enjoys a part time position with the Warsaw Community Schools. Christina is also passionate serving at her local church in the nursery and on the welcome team. She feels it is important to focus on building strong families for Christ in Kosciusko County. 

The Board Officer of Care is an position invented specifically for our board. While our work is not strictly mental health counseling, it does bear some similarities, and we have therefore chosen to include someone in our board who possesses clinical education & work experience to provide accountability. In addition, Heidi brings dedication, focus, and unique perspective.


Heidi attended Grace College for both undergrad and graduate school. In 2015, Heidi received her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Heidi currently works for the Department of Child Services and is an adjunct professor at Ivy Tech. She currently serves on two subsequent boards for local organizations as well. Heidi has a passion for advocating for children in need and people in poverty. 

John's long term connection to the Kosciusko County community, along with his experience with non-profit organizations and board service, as well as his wisdom and generosity of spirit, made him an ideal addition to the board. His level of investment in Not Easily Broken's mission, both in terms of practical application and in prayer, is invaluable to our team.


In 1974, John moved to Winona Lake, IN to attend Grace College and study music education. After three years of school he took a job at Dalton Foundries, where he worked until his retirement in April 2016. He has served on a variety of boards and held leadership positions in a variety of organizations, including Kosciusko Right to Life.

Returning Members

Don Taylor

Board Treasurer

Paul Morales

Board Member at Large

Carly Morales

Board Member at Large

In addition to this wonderful team, we have a few particular slots that we'd like to fill. Specifically, we're looking for four different professions that we hope will round out the perspectives, educational and job experiences, and community connections we need! If you or someone you know are impassioned by the work that Not Easily Broken Ministries is doing and fall into one of these four professions, click the "MEET OUR BOARD" link just below this post, scroll to the bottom of that page, and fill out our board membership application!




Small-Business Owner

Paul Morales