Three Couples Share Their Stories

We are so incredibly thankful for the work we get to do with couples. In so many ways, we get front row seats to miracles in the making, as God continues to shape His people to reflect His love for the church through marriage. It's incredible, and thrilling, and makes us ever so grateful to play a small part in it. During this time of year when we turn our attention towards gratitude, we wanted to share a few stories of how God has moved in these beautiful marriages. 


Millie & Matthew

I first became associated with Not Easily Broken Ministries through working with them for my senior internship. However, from the moment I first met Paul and Carly, I knew that the internship would be so much more than just senior credits that I needed to graduate. Through my time with Not Easily Broken, I was more than blessed by their friendship, mentoring in nonprofit ministry, and premarital coaching for my fiancé (now hubby) and I. Paul and Carly quickly opened their home to me in friendship. Honestly, probably only about half of the time that I spent with them was actually intern related. The hours of playing doctor with Risa and that little girl’s wittiness and humor gave me more joy during my senior year than anything else. I even had the privilege to go visit Carly in the hospital when she had beautiful little Reyna. Their family has blessed my life through love and friendship, and I am so thankful for the times we’ve shared and wisdom they’ve brought to me.

Along with the friendship and joy I was blessed with through Paul and Carly and their two sweet hearts, I was also blessed in all that I learned from them. I gained a lot of useful knowledge about ministry with couples. Together, they taught me through their daily ministry what passions God has placed largest in my heart. Their work supporting marriages and healthy family life is such an encouragement to me. I love the passions and realness that they bring into their ministry. NEB and Paul and Carly have helped me to realize my passion and desire to one day be able to do similar ministry. They also have taught me what realness in marriage looks like, while balancing ministry and putting God First.

They are just pretty awesome people who run a pretty awesome ministry, and my hubby and I really love them. 

Josh & Carolyn

“Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see; All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”

Tuesday morning as I was preparing to go to work, this short refrain came to mind. I felt the Holy Spirit urge me to sing these few words. As I did so, a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude pressed themselves into my heart and mind. Shortly afterwards, I received an invitation from Paul and Carly to write a message of thankfulness in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I do not think that we could express in words how grateful we are for the work God has done through this couple in our lives. They have allowed us to grow and mature through their friendship and by speaking truth into our lives. 

Thank you for all the hard work you put into reaching other people for Christ and helping them grow closer to God in the process. You are a point of grace and peace in the relationships around you.



Jeff & Melody

Paul and Carly have always been there to help us understand how to better communicate with each other. Over the duration of our marriage, our differences in how we communicate have been major road blocks in making that communication effective. Paul and Carly have showed us how to navigate those road blocks and understand each other. Another thing that’s been quite comforting is that they have helped us see that we are not isolated in the problems that we face, but many couples face the same issues. We have benefited tremendously from Paul and Carly’s love and care.

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