5 Things We Were Thankful for in 2017

2017 was technically our second year, but it'll be our first January to December (we were founded in March of 2016). And, while this year has certainly held its share of ups and downs - it has been full of things that we are incredibly thankful for. Here are our top five.

1. More than 25 Couples Served

This. Feels. Amazing. We praise and thank God for blessing us with the opportunity to be a part of these 25 couples' lives. Their relationships, their marriages - they mean so much to us. We consider it an honor and a privilege to use our experiences to serve their futures. Thank you to every single couple who shared your story with us this year, whether it was for a short time or you're still sharing it even now. You bless us with every step you take toward Christlikeness.

2. 5 Weddings

Woo-hoo!!! Oh man - three weddings earlier this year and two more next month. We get so stoked every time we get to watch two people stand before God and commit to paint a picture of Christ and the church with their lives. We'll get to celebrate and dance and congratulate five times this year, and be part of a group of witnesses making a pledge of support as the years go on for these amazing young couples.

3. 7 Presentations

We love our work with couples. But we also love the opportunity to share our work with others. This year, we were so grateful to be able to share our stories with a local Mom's Connection group, our Warsaw Rotary Club, and the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce Small Business Connection. We also held a four-part seminar at Ivy Tech Community College called Knot Talks. All of these were filled with wonderful people who listened and supported our work. Thank you!

4. More than 100 Sessions

This is just crazy to us to think about. More than a hundred times we sat with couple and loved them toward Christ. More than a hundred times we heard their stories. More than a hundred times we shared our hearts with them. We will never be able to express the extent of our gratitude to each of these couples for trusting us with their relationships. We thank them for opening their lives to us and for allowing us to share our lives with them over and over.

5. $50,000 Donated

2017 is almost over, and by the time it is, we will have raised 250% of what we raised in 2016. Hundreds of people personally sacrificed to support the work we've done this year. It is truly not possible without them. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you to every single person, business, and organization that supported Not Easily Broken Ministries financially in 2017. You make this ministry available to this community and beyond. Thank you.


Paul MoralesComment