How Can You Get Involved?

So, if you've been following this series this week, you know:

  1. What the problem is: the increasing rate of broken marriage and family relationships in our county.
  2. That there's a gap in what counseling and pastors can do to address this problem.
  3. How Not Easily Broken is trying to step into the gap: by providing guidance, support, and community to couples and families in need.
  4. Who we are and what God has done to equip us to step into the gap.

Now the question is, what can you do to partner with us? We are so glad you asked. Here are 3 easy ways YOU can get involved.

1) You can utilize our services to strengthen your own relationships! Come to a sensory play class with your kiddos. Take the Prepare/Enrich Assessment with your spouse or fiance. Or just bring the questions you have from that reoccurring fight and lets talk about ways you can communicate better with your significant other. To register for our services click the button below. Or feel free to share this post with someone you love who might be able to benefit from meeting with us!

2) We love being able to offer our services to people for free, but we cannot do that without the help and support of our donor base! Currently, we are asking people to pledge to donate a certain amount each month for the next 6 months, but even a one time donation in any amount is so helpful! (For a little context....$5 pays for one child to come to a class and $20 covers a couple session for an engaged or married couple.) To donate to Not Easily Broken click the button below.

3) You can actually get involved in the work we are doing by volunteering with us! We are always looking for help in an array of different areas... assisting with sensory play classes, photographing events, helping to manage social media outlets, or even offering marketing and fundraising expertise and assistance! None of what Not Easily Broken does gets done without your help! If you're interested in hearing more about any of these opportunities click the button below. 

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