The Groom's View

Last week we published a pretty heavy piece on sin and its effect on our minds and hearts, and we'll be publishing part two of that piece on Wednesday next week. But we had the opportunity to attend the wedding of two folks we love today, and we just wanted to say something about it real quick.

There's a long standing tradition in the modern wedding, where, either by announcement or by the guests just kind of catching on, everybody stands up and turns to watch the bride come down the aisle. We're getting a taste of the groom's view, as a beautiful woman, deeply in love, comes down to meet the man to whom she's made a private commitment, which she's seconds away from declaring publicly (or several minutes if the preacher's Baptist, apparently, unless there's food waiting, apparently.) We all love this moment.  It's one of the big reasons we even come to these things. It's the bride's day, and this is her big moment.

However, having been a groom myself, I have to say, I always watch the groom in these moments. For my money, the only thing better than the groom's view is the view of the groom. It's so endearingly hysterical, and I remember it well enough to remember every stage.

  • Stage One: walking to the altar/gazebo/arch/front/wherever. Head down. Eyes down. Just don't trip.
  • Stage Two: standing at the aforementioned whatever. Hold it together. Don't cry. 
  • Stage Three: the processional begins. This is the where the BDG starts - the Big. Dumb. Grin. It's amazing. His face just splits open uncontrollably and this sheepish, but massive smile takes over.
  • Stage Four:  you're not my bride. Stage Four is tricky. You're so excited but you're being forced to gaze longlingly (because, by this point, there is no other kind of gazing) into the eyes of anywhere from two to twenty people who are NOT YOUR BRIDE! And so you kind of have to be really interested in your shoelace situation every couple of seconds just so the staring isn't weird for the bridal party.
  • Stage Five: you're my bride. The Big Dumb Grin has never been bigger or dumber or grinnier than it is right now. There's his bride. Out of three or four moments he'll actually remember without assistance from photos after today, this will be right at the top. Coming down the aisle might be her moment,  but watching her do it is his.

So if you have the good fortune to watch the union of two lives in the future, while everyone is standing and staring at the bride, sneak a peak at the groom. It'll be worth it.